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30 Missing Heroes - 108 Seiten

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79,30 € * 30 Missing Heroes - 108 Seiten
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108 exquisite illustrations all in one volume: to discover the secrets and stories of the... mehr

108 exquisite illustrations all in one volume: to discover the secrets and stories of the Suikoden, legendary heroes from the Eastern tradition. 
A must for enthusiasts of Japanese culture, this book merges oriental artwork from the past with modern interpretations, through the images of those ancient and legendary heroes/outlaws known as the Suikoden: the108 good bandits. Their bodies were covered in showy tattoos and their exploits have been narrated time and time again through the centuries, so much so that they became the main subject of one of the oldest and greatest illustrated novels in East Asian history. This editorial project was created to celebrate the art of design and tattoos with 108 illustrations: 78 antique originals and 30 new and original works, which were realized by some of the greatest interpreters of contemporary tattoo art. Each illustration – a unique source of inspiration for artists, tattooists and art fans in general – is accompanied by a complete description, which is the result of meticulous comparative research carried out by Rossella Menegazzo (Associate Professor of the History of East Asian Art at the Università degli Studi di Milano).

Medienformat: Buch
Stilrichtung: Asiatisch
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